About Us

At Fliggo.com, we pride ourselves on the fact that each of the stores we list are hand-selected by our team of experts. The stores chosen to feature on this site are amongst the most popular in the UK, plus they provide us with great regular great discounts for us to advertise to potential customers.

The discounts on offer include voucher codes, which could provide you with money off site wide, money off a particular product or service, such as delivery or they even sometimes can provide you with freebies from the stores.

You can trust Fliggo because our discounts and promotions are received directly from the retailers themselves, rather than from scouring the internet like some other voucher code sites. This means the promotions will be valid and current.

We list a variety of different stores, such as florists, sweet shops, furniture shops, clothing stores, baby and child stores, home and garden retailers and more, so whatever you are shopping for online, you are more than likely to be able to find a suitable store on our website.

As we list less stores than other similar websites, this means that we have more time to devote to each of the stores that we list, enabling us to concentrate all our efforts on ensuring that they list the best deals around.

Find discount codes and other offers that have just been released directly from the retailer themselves. There are always some great deals available for the UK’s most loved stores, and they can all be found here at Fliggo.com.

Voucher Code Discounts

If you have stumbled upon this site by mistake and are wondering what on earth voucher codes are, here is a brief explanation of what they are, what they can do for you and why you should always be visiting our site before you shop online.

A voucher code is a string of digits that is created by the retailer and released to its customers to use on their website to obtain a discount. The voucher code may be specific to a certain line, brand or product, it could be a site-wide discount, or it could offer other perks such as free delivery.

This site contains purely codes provided to us by the merchants themselves and the public are not able to add their own. This means that you can be sure that the code you are using is always valid and current.

If you have never shopped with discount codes before, now is certainly the time to start as it could save you a lot of money in the long run – and it’s very satisfying!