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The Latest Gtech Promotions

Buy the new Gtech Cordless Lawnmower and Get the Cordless Grass Trimmer FREE

Get this amazing deal for a limited time only, and save £89.

You can also save when you get the garden bundle, which includes the ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer, HT20 Cordless Hedge Trimmer, Falcon Cordless Lawnmower and Branch Cutter tool for the HT20. Get all this for just £428, saving £109. Hurry, offer extended for a limited time only.

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The All New Gtech Cordless Lawnmower

This fantastic lawn mower is easy to use, will run for around 40 minutes on one charge, is compact, lightweight, and offers different grass cutting settings. The perfect addition to your garden tools range.

Old Gtech Vouchers

Shared August 22, 2017
Shared April 20, 2018

Old Gtech Promotions

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
SW17 for Commercial Use - Just £88.80

This model has a run time of two hours and just one charge will clean up to 10 households of an average size. The charge is fast and economical and the model is lightweight at just 1.7kg.

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
Get the SW02 Floor Cleaner for just £49.95

This model is a best seller and works well with large debris as well as pet hair. It is powered by the 7.2v motor, which provides great performance on all floor types. Get this now and also benefit from a FREE 2 Year Extended Warranty, which is worth £12.95.

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
Get the Cordless ST05 Li-Ion Grass Trimmer for just £69.95

This super lightweight grass trimmer is powerful, energy efficient and will last for 30 minutes without the need to be plugged in. Get your cordless trimmer for just £69.95 with free blades.

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
The All New Gtech eBike - Just £1695 + Free Delivery, Free Returns and 2 Week Trial

This amazing bike will make cycling easy and fun. The lithium battery offers extra power so you can go further faster, and can climb hills easily. There are two different styles to choose from - the more upright City eBike, or the adventurous Sports eBike.

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
eBike for only £1695

This revolutionary electric bike will power you up any hill and take you the long distance. It features increased pedal power, carbon belt, automatic function, high torque motor, lithium-ion battery (30 miles on full charge, 3-hour charging time), aviation-grade aluminum frame, and LED display. Available in two frame sizes.

Ended: 2014-12-31 23:59:59
AirRam (vacuum) now available

This vacuum changes the way you clean your home interior forever. It features a cordless technology, 22V lithium ion battery (40 minute operation (4-hour charge) or 1-hour quick charge), lightweight body, simple operation, edge-cleaning technology, rotating brush bars, ultra-low profile, 4-stage LED display, and washable filters. With 2-year guarantee.

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
AirRam K9 (vacuum) now available

This vacuum has been upgraded to deliver exceptional cleaning performance. It features cordless technology, zinc alloy components, and floral-scented filters (refillable). With 2-year guarantee.

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
Lithium Power Sweeper for only £99.95

This sweeper allows you to clean effortlessly in any floor, upholstery, or carpet. It features a 7.4V motor, lithium-ion technology (120-minute operation (single full charge), zinc alloy bearing caps, lightweight, low-profile, telescopic lie-flat handle (adjustable), dust tray, and edge sweeping brush. With 1-year guarantee.

About Gtech

Operating from a farm in rural Worcestershire the company Gtech has grown by leaps and bounds to be the company that it is today. It is one of the leading companies which has pushed the boundaries of innovation in floor care as well as garden products. The company is in operation for more than 11 years and its team at Worcestershire consists of the best of experts in design, Purchasing, Finance, Engineering and customer support. The company boasts of an International network of affiliates and has till date sold over 20 million sweepers all across the globe. The company has a very formidable retail presence online as well as offline and is present in leading stores of the country such as John Lewis, Debenhams, House of Fraser & Currys. The floor care category has a range of sweepers as well as vacuum cleaners whereas the garden category consists of a range of garden power tools. In addition to all this the company also sells a whole lot of related spares and accessories.

Gtech AirRam MK 2

The Gtech AirRam vacuum cleaner was revolutionary. It was light, cordless, easy to empty, and great for vacuuming carpets and hard surfaces. Just when you thought life couldn’t be any better, out came the Gtech AirRam MK 2. This topped the initial model by making everything easier, lighter, more durable, with a longer running time, and features AirLOC technology which allows you to pick up larger bits of debris with your vacuum cleaner. The cleaner moves seamlessly between your carpets, rugs and hard floors, without you having to stop to change the settings. It is so easy to use and makes housework a pleasure, rather than a chore.

Gtech AirRam K9

If you were happy with your MK 2, then take a look at the latest model - the K9. This is an upgrade in so many ways. One of the most troublesome items to clean and clear is pet hair. It is a constant battle, and it feels like no sooner have you cleaned everything up, your pet seems to shed its entire coat, covering the whole area with pet hair again. Not only that, but pet hair is also quite stubborn to remove, particularly from rugs and carpets. However, that is where the K9 comes in. It makes mince-meat out of pet hair, with its enhanced high performance cleaning. The K9 has aluminium components that make it tougher than ever before, helping to fend off wear and tear, and make the vacuum last longer. There is also the addition of a sweetness filter, which stops unpleasant smells from clinging to your vacuum, such as pet smells. The AirRam is just 3.5kg, which is the same as the MK 2. The dirt collection system in the K9 is even better than the MK2 though. It is easier, and less messy.

Multi Tool

While the AirRam MK 2 and the AirRam K9 are great for your floors, if you want to get into those hard to reach areas, such as ceiling cornices, down the back of the sofa, the stairs, and behind furniture, then the multi tool will do just the job. The multi tool has several attachments, including a crevice tool, flexible hose, and dusting brush, all of which can be easily interchanged in order to give you the best tool for the job. The attachments are all stored on the body of the multi tool, so you can easily get to them and change to whichever you wish to use. The power button features a series of lights that will help light up dark areas and help you to see better. A 36 cm extension tube is also include to help you reach up to the ceiling and underneath furniture. One of the best things about the Multi Tool is that it is cordless, again featuring Gtech’s amazing lithium technology. Simply charge it up for four hours, and the tool will run for one hour, giving you plenty of time to whizz round the house.

Multi Tool K9

If you thought the Multi Tool was good, you will be blown away by the power capabilities of the Multi K9. The main challenge for the new model was to help you rid your home from the problem of pet hairs. They can get into your sofa, on your window sill, on your curtains, on the stairs and into those hard to reach places. The Multi K9 features enhanced performance suction to tackle all of these problem areas in your home. It also features the pet filter, which stops unpleasant pet odours clinging to the tool, using floral scented tabs. The power brush head tool is the best tool to use for cleaning pet hairs from the sofa. It is also perfect for cleaning the car, and a multi car kit is available to purchase as an add on.

Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawnmower

The cordless lawnmower is a fairly new addition to the Gtech family. It has been extremely popular, and you can see why. There are plenty of cordless lawnmowers these days. Manufacturers have cottoned to the fact that it is almost impossible to trim your lawn when there is a cord trailing across the grass. Many cordless lawnmowers feature petrol engines. This can be smelly, messy and annoying to maintain. The Gtech lawnmower is tidy, clean, lightweight, and as it is rechargeable, there is no unpleasant petrol smell to deal with and no mess. The lawnmower is designed to cut neater edges, and it is easy to operate. Simply press the lever once you have inserted the battery and away you go. The cutting height is adjustable, so you can trim the grass to the length you want. Many lawnmowers are also bulky and difficult to store. The Gtech Falcon folds away neatly, so it doesn’t take up as much room. A 40 litre grass bin is supplied with the lawnmower to collect the cut grass as you mow.

Author: Paul Norris

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