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A Unique Holiday Experience – FREE 14-Day Trial

With over 65,000 homes in 150 countries, it is certain that you can find your new second home anywhere you go. Try browsing their collections and swapping for FREE for 2 weeks and experience it yourself.

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About Home Exchange

HomeExchange is an amazing community that lets you travel anywhere in the world with free accommodation and the chance to live like a local instead of like a tourist. How it works, you might wonder? Well, it’s quite simple really. You just exchange your home for someone else’s for a set period of time – they live at your home and explore your area, while you live at their home and explore their area. Just think about it – when traveling, you have to pay a ton for a hotel or other type of accommodation, and you are constantly worried about your home sitting empty and vulnerable to break ins and so on. With this amazing exchange, you have someone housesitting and you are housesitting for someone else. And no one pays anything. So go to HomeExchange.com now and list your home, adding it to the more than 65 000 homes in 150 countries that you can browse.

Author: Paul Norris

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Delivery, Exchanges and Refunds from Home Exchange

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