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Old Pure Rain Promotions

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
Pure Rain Handheld Gun - Just £19.99

Transform your tap water with this special nozzle which features a nano-bubble oxygenating chamber where your water will become highly oxygenated to better replicate rain water.

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
Pure Rain Hand Held Gun Plus - Just £29.99

This premium design Pure Rain Hand Gun features an on/off toggle, is lightweight, and includes nano-bubble modes as well as jet spray modes.

Ended: 2014-12-31 23:59:59
Handheld Gun Pro - Just £34.99

Choose this nozzle if you want to water large areas of the garden quickly, as it features a larger surface area to help you with this task. If you have a large garden, then this is the Pure Rain nozzle for you.

Ended: 2018-12-31 23:59:59
25 ft Stretch Hose - Now Just £29.99

The advantage of this stretch hose is that you will never get your hose caught up again, with snags preventing you from getting the water supply. This design stretches up to 3 times its original size, and then retracts back when not in use.

About Pure Rain

Pure Rain have put together a set of innovative products that help you with all of your garden watering needs. Their range of nozzles are designed to oxygenate the water from your tap, making it replicate rain water more effectively. This oxygenated water helps your garden grow bigger and brighter, like it would do if it was watered by the rain every day. Pure Rain offer 3 different nozzles, the basic handheld gun, the handheld gun plus, and the handheld gun pro. In addition, they offer the Pure Rain reach product, which allows you to water hanging baskets and other plants that are too high for you to reach by yourself. Their stretch hose features an innovative stretch design which will prevent snags, and conveniently retract itself rather than you having to carefully wind it in. The hose lengths go from 25ft to a huge 100ft. If you want to make sure your grass benefits from this fantastic innovation, then purchase the Water Station Plus which is a sprinkler for your lawn. To view the full range of products and find out more about the technology behind this amazing product, visit purerain.co.uk today.

Author: Paul Norris

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