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Get an RAC Car Passport Car Data Check Today

Ensure you have purchased a safe vehicle with an RAC Car Passport car data check. Check-up includes 10x complete vehicle check alerts, breakdown reasons (via make and model), MOT failures (via make and model), independent vehicle review, vehicle valuation (offered by Glasss), average operation costs (via make and model), vehicle inspection and purchase checklists, and £30,000 history check data cover guarantee.

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Instant Buyer’s Report Available - Just £14.99

Simply enter the car registration number, and your email address; then pay just £14.99 for your buyer’s report, and get a full car history, details about any outstanding finance, reassurance about whether your car has been stolen, written off, scrapped or whether it has any discrepancies in mileage. In addition, find out about the make and model, whether it has any common problems, issues with MOT and breakdown reasons. Discover the average running costs, and so much more - giving you the peace of mind that you need before you part with your cash.

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Seller’s Report from RAC Car Passport - Just £14.99

Sell your car more easily, with a seller’s report from RAC Car Passport. For just £14.99, you can present the potential buyer with a full history of the car, MOT history, maintenance history, average running costs, and a review from What Car?

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About RAC Car Passport Buyer

If you are buying or selling a car, then the car passport from RAC could add value to the car that you are selling, and could give you the peace of mind that you need before you purchase a car. You can purchase either a buyer’s report, or a seller’s report for just £14.99, and get a comprehensive history of the car you are buying or selling. With the buyer’s report, you can find out whether the car has been scrapped or written off, find out what the mileage of the car should be and whether there are therefore any discrepancies, and discover any issues about outstanding finance on the car. In addition, in the report you will be advised about common problems that are found in the car make and model that you are purchasing, MOT failures, a vehicle valuation, buying checklist, and a guarantee of up to the value of £30,000 covering the car history data. For the seller’s report, you can provide the buyer with the complete history check, a review of the car, average running costs, and maintenance history, giving them the peace of mind and making them more likely to go ahead with the purchase. Visit rac.co.uk-car-passport today to get your buyer or seller report, and buy or sell your car with ease.

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